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Thhe Tourism Finance Group consists of five major holdings and several subsidiaries in the areas of monetary and financial, tourism, industry and mining, oil and gas, energy, roads, buildings and structures, each of which is committed to being part of the group's overall plans. They implement its strategic vision document. With extensive investment in the field of tourism, this complex has a serious interest in promoting the indicators of the tourism industry and optimizing travel services (for compatriots and foreign tourists).The vision and mission of the Tourism Finance Group emphasizes that this complex is in line with the policies of the resistance economy and relies on the strategy of endogenousness and economic outsourcing, by increasing the volume of investments in infrastructure and entrepreneurship projects and creating jobs for more than ۲۰,۰۰۰ young and specialized workers. It is trying to gain the first place in attracting foreign capital among private sector companies and to gain a special place among the three most popular economic brands in the country.

Holding mahan


Maahan Industries and Mines Development Company (Public Joint Stock Company) has been established as one of the largest investment companies in the Tourism Finance Group, with the aim of investing in specialized plans and projects in the field of industry and mining in the country. This holding has started its activity since ۱۳۹۰ with the aim of growth and promotion of the country's industry and mining, and its ultimate goal is to invest in industries and mines in the hope of becoming an effective pole in achieving the goals of the ۲۰-year vision in this field.

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Lavan Oil and Gas Industry Engineering and Technology Holding was established with the aim of investing in oil-related industries in September 2014 and with the change of the name of Kamal-e-Arz Pardaz Company (Private Joint Stock Company), which was registered on 12/28/90. . The main goal of the company's activity development program is to take a step in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and create an investment portfolio, which has been reviewed and approved due to the reason for creating this holding and also predicting its future trend and paying attention to relevant prerequisites. . The purpose of the purchase plan and completion of phase 1 of the Nahavand GTL project is to acquire 95% of the shares of Ekbatan Comprehensive Industry Company.With the implementation of this plan, the company will enter the field of downstream gas industries. Gas To Liquid (GTL) technology is capable of extracting natural gas from intermediate oil distillation products, and in this technology, heavier hydrocarbons are obtained than the lightest hydrocarbon, methane. Gas conversion technology to petroleum products as one of the natural gas processing methods, while facilitating the transfer of natural gas to remote areas, by creating added value and environmental benefits, as well as recovering associated gases from oil and converting them into valuable products. It has attracted the attention of countries with gas resources.

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renewable energy

It means wind energy, ocean waves, solar energy, biomass (plants grown specifically for energy), and so on. This energy is called renewable because, in theory, it never runs out. Renewables currently supply about ۱۰ to ۲۰ percent of the world's energy.

Oil and Gas

The upstream oil and gas sector plays a pivotal role in value creation in the value chain for the company. This sector has a major share in the implementation of upstream sector projects in the country's oil industry by employing specialized and experienced human capital and physical capital. Creating value in the upstream oil and gas department through cooperation with other companies, increasing and merging capacities and Capabilities created in subsidiaries


Study and study of power plants purchase, operation and sale of electricity, capacity development of purchased power plants, increase of power plant efficiency by converting gas power plants to combined cycle and increase efficiency by constructing CHP and CCHP power plants, increase readiness and energy production of power plants, sales monitoring Power generation of power plants to the electricity market, stock exchange and direct sales to industries covered by the company, monitoring the operation of power plants and gas pipelines by subsidiaries


Given the availability of raw materials and technical expertise and the vast local market with extensive experience, the Iranian petrochemical industry with its strong foundations, promises a bright future for investment. Taking advantage of this opportunity and focusing on advanced technology, Lavan Oil and Gas Engineering and Technology Group is studying many specialized upstream and downstream petrochemical specialized projects with added value to achieve a reasonable rate of return and market share. The overall strategy of the company is to emphasize value creation in the petrochemical value chain.



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